EN1Wood is the oldest building materials used. Developing technology and trade preferences as a result of plastic instead of wood, metal, aluminum, despite the use of concrete and cement products; Renewable, reusable, ecological, durability, appearance, due to the isolation of the desired shape and features, such as easily be, continues to be a natural building material wood is always to be preferred. For these reasons, it should recognize the wood again, again and give importance to our agenda should take him out. ”
due to the presence in the earthquake zone in Turkey in terms of human health and the environment, it is necessary to use the wood structure. Especially in earthquake zones in the world, Canada, USA, China, Japan, etc. In countries with high population density housing consists of most wooden structures in schools and community building.
Dissemination of wood construction and development practices in Turkey will be an important development for the construction sector.

Professional Visitors

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Architect, interior designer, Forest Industrial Engineers, government agencies and professionals formed the group in the visitor profile, such as buying related sectors; “Wood again recognize that in the later years of the exhibition on behalf of extremely useful feedback will be permanent followers were seen as a general blood.”

Seminar Program


Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Project Offices, practitioners, purchase, import companies, export companies, foreign representatives, yacht manufacturer, Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Universities, final consumers, municipalities and public organizations related units.



Things can accommodate the participants.

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Our aim


Our goal is to demonstrate the construction sector as well as contributing to increase the use of wood as wood related products and innovations.
The importance of the wood and the seminars that will be held will be highlighted. WOOD WORKS WOOD PRODUCTS FAIR and the “just for you and your callers
A special exhibition “specialized fair of wood industry with the motto, we have made.
09-12 February 2017 between the dates will be held for the third time and WOOD WORKS WOOD PRODUCTS FAIR Turkey’s 76 million population, wood industry
In order to enter the market and is a unique platform for extending your current location.

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